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How to do online marketing it Takes Work!!

Welcome to Online Marketing from Dale Stiles.

We will have fun and learn some things. I have been learning about building websites, programing and Internet marketing for a while. I have joined several Affiliate programs and reseller sites for all types of products digital and physical.

I think that if we all share good information that we will all win.

Every time I get some information that I think will be helpful in our quest to make money online I will post what it is and how to use it according to what I have learned. I also encourage you to share your findings as well. I will have a link to join our mailing list so as we find new processes and post them I can send out a quick email to let you know about it.

A little history about me. I am from Upstate New York and started my interest in the internet back in 2001 as my kids played on the computer. I am a mechanic by trade and had to know what made the internet tick. So I took as many courses as I could to help me understand the process to make these pages appear. I even took a course at Syracuse University to be a Webmaster. I went on to create several websites and made some money building websites. I than decided they would have to place in the search engines in order to be effective and took several courses on SEO – Search Engine Optimization and optimized my customers websites. This is even better money than creating sites. I have also learned about Affiliate sales and how we can make money with other peoples products. I did very well with Shed Plans and made money. I then connected this to an autoresponder and did even better.

How to do online marketing

How to do online marketing

It’s cost me a lot of money and time over the years and my Goal is to make money and save others from making the mistakes that cost them a lot of money. I remember when I first started I paid 79.00 for my first domain name. This was very expensive and they took advantage of my lack of knowledge and I don’t want this to happen to any of you. Money is to hard to make so we don’t want to give it away.

I want to thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will find it very useful now and in the future.

For starters until we get going full steam on information on the site I have a page with 8 different categories of Free information. Pick one or pick them all your choise. They all have good information. I think that if we consume all the information we can this helps us stay on top. These will require your name and email in order to download. This will give us a way to let you know when I find new topics that you may be interested in. I look forward to getting to know you all and working with you. We might even have a joint project to make money together.


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We will also be starting a Facebook Group soon.

Thanks Again